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Stages of Christian growth

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    In the book of I John 2:12-14, we find three stages of a Christian's development listed.
    There is no time frame associated with these stages of growth. Nor is any one stage limited to any particular age grouping.
    Because of this, there are some "little children" who may be over sixty years of age. At the same time, some individuals mature spiritually faster than others. Some of the "fast maturing" individuals may be "Fathers" and in their thirtys!

    Neither is there any restriction as to gender. Male or female, they are the same in the Kingdom of God.

    Listed below are these three divisons from I John. You will also find characteristics for major Christian activities such as prayer,evangelism, healing, etc. These are merely approximate guidelines and there are variables that can come into play.


    Praying - usually trusting with child like faith.

    Evangelism - Often, will want to tell everyone. With maturity, each will learn wisdom in hearing from God as to the most effective means of presentation.
    However, her/his enthusiasm is much better than relying on a "rote plan".

    Spiritual Relationship - learning to "hear God's voice".
    Also, ideally, will become spirit filled.

    Fellowship - Usually a strong desire to be with other believers.
    Will often try to put into practice something that they have either heard or read but have not yet experienced.

    The "freshness" of a new believer is much to be desired over some "cookie cutter plans" that have been used in the past.

    Daily walk - Often a good example of the grace of God. Even though there are still areas of their lives that need to be "cleaned up", they still have a special relationship with The Father. They are indeed the "apple of His eye".


    Prayers will often have an emphasis on spiritual warfare.

    Evangelism - will take a delight in attacking the devil's kingdom.

    Spiritual relationship - Will usually be spirit filled but doesn't always have a balanced walk in regard to the gifts of the spirit.

    Caution - Must learn to be under authority when doing spiritual battle.Also, should be very sure that God is directing, when "pulling down strongholds and coming against spiritual authorities in high places".

    Caution - Will need to be sure that his/her spiritual fruit have as strong an emphasis as the spiritual gifts.

    Fellowship - Enjoys being around other believers but will often draw aside to fast and pray.
    Also, will usually have a tendency to bring others with him/her as the attacks are made on the enemy.

    Daily walk - Often somewhat reminiscent of a "bull in a china closet". Even though they want to do the right thing, it is not unusual for them to "open their mouths to change feet".
    However, they are the ones that you can trust, because when the going gets rough, they are the ones that will "get going".


    Prayer revolves around an intimate relationship with The Father.
    When this individual is communing with The Father, there is no doubt as to whether their requests will be honored.
    The key here is that they have learned to determine God's will before they pray.
    Evangelism - centered around to whom Holy Spirit directs them to impact.
    This can be either individually or a whole nation at a time.
    Spirituality - Is Spirit filled and his/her life is balanced with the fruit of the Spirit being in evidence.
    Also, he/she is comfortable with who they are in Christ. (Exalting ambitions are not a problem).
    Fellowship - Enjoys being with other believers and will often seek out younger Christians to mentor.

    Daily walk - He/she will have a moment by moment walk with The Father.
    In fact, someone around them may not know at any given time if that individual is "here" or "there", God is that real to them.
    Spiritual gifts