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It is my aim to show the relevance of Bible prophecy to our Christian lives and to effectively illustrate that "The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy". My focus is to make available to you the results of a lifetime of preparation and research. This is hopefully done in a manner that will be both beneficial and interesting.

Excerpt from THE FORCE
"Now," Pastor Israel smiled, "We get to the point of all of this. I'm not here just to give you a lot of information. No, I have been sent by God to set in motion, the reality of the "place in the wilderness", as spoken in the twelfth chapter of The Revelation. You see, God has decreed that The United States will be that sanctuary for the Bride of Christ."
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THE FORCE - A Prophetic Revelation
    You can read a portion of THE FORCE at no charge.
    In the book, I explain that there can be other areas besides the USA that are referred to as "The Place in the Wilderness".

    This is another excerpt from THE FORCE: "I have a lock and am firing one missile," stated Mike.     With the contact, there was an explosion and the threat was taken care of."